Fly over – Out of the mud towards the sunshine -1 / ≪飞越 之 淤泥上的阳光-1≫

This series is about the birds mother and father taking their little bird to learn fly from the nature. It includes 37 paintings together.     这系列描述了鸟爸妈带小鸟在自然中学飞的情景。 Stamps: in Chinese: “鸟啾啾”(Bird singing),“风之拥抱”(Hug by wind),“翔风”(Fly in the wind),“信自己”(Trust self),“自由”(Freedom),“鸿”(Hong) in English: “Love” Technique: Foil, pigment , rice paper. 40x50cm 2017-2018 Leimat: kiinaksi: “鸟啾啾”(Bird singing),“风之拥抱”(Hug by wind),“翔风”(Fly