To dearest you 4 / Rakkaimmalle 4 / 至亲爱的你 (之四)

Stamps: in Chinese: “鸟啾啾”(Bird singing),“翔风”(Fly in the wind),“风之拥抱”(Hug by wind),“青云羡鸟飞”(The dark cloud envy the fly of the bird),“清辉幽映”(The sunshine and the dense tree shape),“水涓涓”(A little trickle of water),“雨霏霏”(A light rain started falling),“共享”(Share),“流水香”(There are fallen petal to, well with water),“虫唧唧”(Insect chirping),“不生不灭”(neither created nor destroyed; birthless and deathless;unborn and imperishable),“鸿”(Hong) in English: “Love”,”Bliss” in Finnish: “Vaupaus”(Freedom) Technique: