A moment of inspiration / Inspiraation hetki / 瞬间灵感

When inspiration rush into my heart, just like a bird kick down the brick wall of concepts. Kun inspiraatio syöksyy sydämeeni, aivan kuin lintu potkaisee alas seinän käsitteitä. 当灵感闯入我的心扉,就象小鸟要把概念砌成的围墙踢翻。   Stamps: in Chinese: “寂然心” (Stillness),”信自己”(Trust self),”放下” (Let go),”风之拥抱”(Hugs by wind), “自由”(Freedom), “自在”(Unrestrained), “大爱无疆”(The greatest love knows no boundary),”共享”(Share),”美美与共”(If beauty represents itself with diversity and integrity.