Hug by wind / Tuulen halaus / 风之拥抱

Bravely hug with wind, Let all the obsession is blow off, bath in the reality. Urheasti tuulen halaama, Anna puhaltaa kaikki pakkomielteet pois, kylve todellisuudessa. 忘情地擁抱狂風, 让所有的固执统统吹掉, 沐浴在明达灵动中。   Stamps: in Chinese: “风之拥抱”(Hugs by wind), “自由”(Freedom), “鸿”(Hong) in Finnish: “Tuuli”(wind) Technique: pigment , rice paper mounted on canvas 80 x 60 cm 2012 Leimat: kiinaksi: “风之拥抱”(Tuulen