The jumping notes 9 / Hyppivät nuotit 9 / 跳跃的音符 9

Among the stave of the branches, birds are interpreting the singing of the woods. Oksiston nuottiviivoilla, linnut tulkitsevat metsän laulua. 树枝间的五线谱上,小鸟在詮释着树林的歌声.   Stamps: in Chinese: “自由”(Freedom), “自在”(Unrestrained), “鸿”(Hong) Technique: Foil, pigment , rice paper mounted on canvas 30 x 40 cm 2015 Leimat: kiinaksi: “自由”(Vapaus), “自在”(Rento), “鸿”(Hong) Tekniikka: Folio, pigmentti , riisipaperi kanvaksella 30 x 40