The ripple of thought / Mielen solina / 思绪的涟漪

Thought is just like the ripple from a stone dropped into the lake, circle by circle enlarging, and then fade away. Ajatus on aivan kuin järveen putoavan kiven aallot, ympyrä ympyrältä laajentuva, ja sitten katoava. 思绪就像是一块石子掉进平静的水面上泛起的涟漪一样, 一层层地荡开, 又一层层地消逝。   Stamps: in Chinese: “自由”(Freedom), “寂然心” (Stillness), “共享”(Share), “如水中影”(Like the reflection of lake), “自在”(Unrestrained), “风之拥抱”(Hugs by wind),