Pahapuu / Evil tree / 邪恶的树

Pahapuu / Evil tree / 邪恶的树

Pahapuu / Evil tree


ink on rice paper, 44x60cm
纸本水墨, 2022

When the bonfire was extinguished, Väinämöinen planted an oak seed in the ashes. The seeds kept growing, covering the whole village and the sky, obscuring the sun and the moon. A thumb hero rose from the sea and turned into a giant and chopped down the tree. Fallen tree shavings can bring happiness, magic and love. A little girl from Pohja washing clothes by the sea collects debris from the water. At first Väinämöinen didn’t believe in the ability of the thumb Hero because he was too small. This means not to judge people by only their appearance. Evil branches also bring good luck. This is the truth that there is good in evil. Good and bad things are often together.

Project Details

  • Created : 22/08/22