Metsän jumala / Forest goddess / 森林女神

Metsän jumala / Forest goddess / 森林女神

Metsän jumala / Forest goddess


ink on rice paper, 114x160cm
纸本水墨, 2022


Lemminkäinen  forced Kyllikki marry to him. Kyllikki was not satisfied with his belligerence. They swore an oath that Lemminkäinen would not go to war, and that Kyllikki would not go to dances in the country. Kyllikki forgot her oath and went to the village. Lemminkäinen was furious, and decided to abandon her at once. He proposed to the girl in Pohjola. He asked Louhi, the mistress of Pohjola, to marry her daughter to him。She asked him to wear snowshoes to hunt the great elk of Hiisi. Lemminkäinen failed to hunt elk, so he prayed to the forest god for help. The merciful and mysterious forest heroine Mielikki is the housewife of the Tapio family. She was dressed in sassy gold clothes, splendid silver clothes, gold bracelets and gold rings, ancient gold coins in her hair, gold earrings on her ears, and a bead necklace around her neck. She rules the treasury of the forest.


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  • Created : 24/08/22