The video of my solo exhibition Flying Seeds at Galleria Katariina 21.6.–9.7.2017, Helsinki

by HLS No Comments August 31, 2017

Singing Bird came to me in a dream. As lines moved to form a picture, it drew itself onto an empty piece of paper and brought itself to life. Singing Bird hoped to build a forest so that it could have a home for itself and other beings.

As Little Bird, Singing Bird’s child, flies to a holy place, it notices memory seeds flying in the air like the flowing light. Along the way, it picks up 5 seeds all different colors and plants them in five separate places; in the East, North, West, South and Center. The seeds grow to become big trees. Each one has an individual and equally strong personality: Ren tree is benevolent yet strong; Li tree is warm and cheerful yet impatient; Yi tree is rigorous yet selfish; Xin tree is tolerant yet stubborn; and  Zhi tree is calm yet uncommunicative.

The heart of the story starts when Little Bird wants to build a home and learn how to fly. The various personalities and interconnected nature of the story is seen through friendship and circumstance. From Ren tree´s general but forceful need to help to Zhi tree´s inspirational yet silent personality, Little Bird and the trees resolve conflict and struggle harmoniously. The trees grow to become a forest and become the bird´s paradise.

One day, man comes and takes all the seeds away. The forest slowly begins to disappear along with the forest’s friends.  Not wanting to give up, Little Bird flies back to the holy place to wait for the flying seeds and restore the beautiful nature as it once was. The story is a test of how we can grow harmony between man and nature. Our individuality complement each other, as well as, help difficult times and hard emotions transform into good moods and happier moments.