“Echoes” was collected by Ministry of Justice Finland and Lahti city

by HLS No Comments October 25, 2015

The painting was selected and bought by Ministry of Justice Finland, as the first prize of ETNO Award 2015 to Lahti city.
Mom, I hear your heart worry about me.
Children,  fly in the vast sky freely, this is the most enchanting echoes to mom.
Mom, what is the echoes?
Children, life is just like an echo of what to send out what it will be back , what you reap will be based on what you sow.


  • in Chinese: “爱”(Love), “自由”(Freedom)
  • in English: “Love”
  • in Finnish: “Rakkaus”(Love)


  • Foil, pigment , rice paper mounted on canvas
  • 80 x 100 cm
  • 2015