The singing bird and me

The singing bird and me

Bird is my theme of creation. It symbolizes freedom. For some reasons it comes to my mind naturally. My mother told me after I was born, I didn´t sleep by myself but cried at night. My father held me in his arm and sang to me, then I felt to sleep around one o’clock every morning…

An old lady came to help my mother to take care of me. She advised  my mother to spill the uncooked rice on the roof, and sing in the same time: Come to eat rice birds, let baby sleep well. ” Since that day, I have never cried and slept late at night again.

After I grow up, one night I had had a very clear dream staying in my memory strongly. I saw a  shining transparent golden bird standing on the head of a monkey. It is so beautiful that I couldn´t hold myself to touch it. I feel immediately warm from its warm body… So from then on, I have had a idea this bird become the theme of my art, and I call it The singing bird.

When my mind is relaxed and pure, the idea will come naturally, and I can harmony all the elements like rice paper, strokes, stamps and foil etc unintentionally.  I have been inspiring  from the ethereal and spontaneous traditional Chinese painting with the philosophical idea of yin-yang.  The Finnish art style of simplicity and rational  as well as the beautiful Finnish nature gives me the fertile soil for my art to flourish.  During all these years, I keep on nurturing this dream and carry on my art exploration and experiment with full dedication. Every year I take part in domestic and international exhibitions with my innovative new works. In the many years to come, birds will continue to be the center of my works.