Art Critiques

“The marriage of two places and two cultures so different, such as the Chinese (where she is from)  and the Finnish one (where she lives), gave birth to a place of creativity that is unique and unrepeatable. She mixes the elegance and lightness of the minimal and delicate sign with the fullness of the color imple- mented in soft and captivating colors. We are witness of a sequence of different emotions, such as the stillness, the harmony but also the movement as well as the conflict and improvisation. There is a place of painting that nourishes the soul the name of a very present tradition, which finds new interpretation and a new look The poetic and musical aspect is very present, it translates in visions in reflections as well as in the aesthetic and intimate harmony that it spreads. ”

–  Art Historian Prof.  Laura Trapani 



– 艺术史学家劳拉·特拉帕尼教授 


“Created from an inner silence Hong Liu-Sertti’s work is facing the question how to reconcile the traditional literati mindset of retreat into nature with the public appeal for social intervention of reality emphasized in contemporary art in order to complete a universal transformation. Hong Liu-Sertti prefers to seek out valuable ideas and resources for creative transformation within her own rich cultural traditions in contributing philosophical values and views.”

– Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, Art Historian, PHD from Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel


“观者可以从作品中感受到画家刘译鸿内心的宁静。那么人们不禁要问她这样一个问题:传统上艺术家大多是隐世的。然而,当今世界公众呼吁艺术的社会参与并推动全面的变革。她是如何承担起这样的社会责任?刘译鸿的选择是把目光转向自己深厚的文化传统, 从那里发掘创意的源泉, 为人们展示价值观念。”

– 瑞士ahc艺术史顾问,策展人,德国基尔大学艺术史博士芭芭拉·奥斯特-维格暮


“Continue to follow the transcultural thinking, we are not difficult to see the action in her painting. The Pursuit of  Aesthetically perfect of painting is not her only target but containing beauty in rhythm and rhyme scheme. Just like the mentally control circulation of qi throughout the body and spillin the traditional  chinese calligraphy and painting, also the improvisation and movement of western action painting, she senses the dynamic and static, conflict and harmony, freedom and restrictions… which let her creation is just liked the dance walking. The process is the important show of trackway and posture. ”

– Hu Bin, Deputy director of the Art musuem of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA),  Professor of the Arts Management Department



– 胡斌, 广州美术学院美术馆副馆长、艺术管理学系教授